Welcome to Luma Strategic Consultants

B-BBEE legislation is becoming more and more demanding. Companies need to comply with governing regulations, acts and codes.

Specialist advice is essential to assess the current B-BBEE status of your business and also to assist you in reaching your goal B-BBEE level. This will enable your business to secure a competitive advantage in the preferential procurement stakes and will optimize your marketing efforts.

LUMA’s professional service activates strategic drivers and focuses on the necessary attention needed. Our specialised cost effective services can allow your organisation to grow towards set goals and targets in accordance with the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

Our services include

  • Analyse current B-BBEE position.
  • Review all B-BBEE Elements to ensure the most effective elements are identified and analysed for maximum B-BBEE Level and Recognition.
  • Strategic Review of Financial information which can include current Financials, Management Accounts or Audited financials.
  • Identify areas in which a business can improve to reach B-BBEE goals and targets.
  • Review government legislation that could affect B-BBEE outcome – i.e. Skills Development Act and Employment Equity Act.
  • Advise strategically on the most cost saving and efficient B-BBEE projects.
  • Review all B-BBEE project contracts if applicable.
  • B-BBEE Report and Feedback.
  • B-BBEE File Compilation.
  • B-BBEE Audit Assistance.
  • Employment Equity Reports (Assist with drafting and submission of EEA2, EEA4 and EE Plan).
  • SETA Approved Training and Learner Programmes.
  • Workplace Skills Plans.
  • Annual Training Reports.
  • Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development Initiatives.
  • B-BBEE Training and Education.

Our Company

LUMA Strategic Consultants started operating independently in March 2012. Founders, Mario and Luzaan Nortjé identified an immense need in the market for understanding and strategic advice on company legislation i.e. B-BBEE compliance and the Employment Equity Act. Together with their expanding networks, they are able to provide professional and effective solutions to the market at cost effective rates.


Professional Assistance

Mario Nortjé

Mario Nortjé obtained an Honours Bachelor’s Commerce Degree from the North-West University in 2007. In 2010 he qualified as a Verification Manager. He specialised in the B-BBEE industry and matured as a Marketer of New Business, Verification Auditor, Verification Manager, B-BBEE training consultant, Internal auditor (Legislation & Compliance) and B-BBEE Consultant.

Mario is an exceptional team builder and excels in generating new business relationships. Mario has the ability to align with a client’s business needs and to apply advanced solutions for change. He is an extrovert who thrives when he trains and develops people. With the ability to focus intently he assists individuals and groups in tough decision making and troubleshooting. Advanced in his knowledge and experience regarding legal and formal organisation processes he tremendously impacts client decision and turnaround.